Social Media is just not Facebook updates, or microblogs, but much beyond that! Social media can be a beneficial tool for businesses, allowing them to connect with their customers and their target market in ways that were not possible in the past.

It’s about letting the brand do the talking and being truly interactive. With a clear understanding of MARKETING, business, creative & viral content, search engines, social media, developing online relationships, web products, technology and communication, Hansaa Digiventures makes the perfect partner to help you build your own audience online drive the daily activity required to develop a strong web presence.

360 Degree Social Media Presence is an effort to create a big community of content and conversation surrounding your website, products and services creating a thrill for your website concentrating on the right social media channels. Social media is a powerful tool for business to reach new customers and generate new leads. But it only works where it is done right. A static and stale online presence won't help your business grow. On the other side, a vibrant and active online presence can have huge impacts on your business. 360 Degree Social Media Presence is ideally for those who want to leave a footprint using the power of word of mouth and social media to create an uplifting conversation with their customers, online and even more for their products and services to create an overall presence.

Online presence matters in two ways, the first being, giving your brand personality and then connecting with your audience on a personal level.

How do we work on creating 360 Degree Social Media Presence?

  • Develop and publish keyword rich and targeted blog posts/articles
  • Promote post through social media sites and distribute content online to build customers
  • We publish searchable content and develop search links
  • Build long term sustainable search traffic
  • Build and manage active groups, fans, pages on various social media sites
  • Help to experiment with new content along with social marketing idea

The core elements of 360 degree social media presence are as follows:

  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Digital MARKETING

Whether you want to build an online community, reach out to customers, offer customer services or turn your website into a lead generating machine, this embracing solution can be tailor-made, personalized, customized and will help you to get there!