Google Apps

We offer Google App services to our clients which in turn helps them in the accuracy and exact working and functioning of their business and also provides number of benefits.

Google App simplifies and strengthens the work flow in the organization.

It is the most reliable app that provides security and is trustworthy.

Everything that you work on, be it Google Docs or Google Sheets, all of it is on Cloud.

Google App provides 30 GB space per user, so now you don’t need to worry about storage issues.

Don’t miss your important meetings. Hangouts allows you to make video calls and video conferencing for free.

Google Drive allows you to share any file with options to edit, comment and view. You can share these files with one or more parties.

Never miss an event now. Google App provides Google Calendar which helps you to create events and share them with your superiors and co-workers. This insures there is no instability and miscommunication between employees.

Google App gives you an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.